Tax Reliefs

Tax Reliefs

Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation is registered in the Central Registry for Non-profit Legal Entities. Its legal status stipulates that it is an organisation acting in public benefit. DBF is a beneficient of donations, which may reduce the tax base in line with Article 22, Paragraph 1 of the Law on Personal Income Tax and Article 31 of the Law on Corporate Income Tax.

Tax Reliefs for Legal Entities

Economic agents (trade associations, companies, civil associations) may take into account that “Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation is one of the entities in Article 31, Paragraph 1, Point 18 of the Law on Corporate Income Tax. This is to say that donations made in these entities’ benefit will be reduced from the positive financial balance in amount up to 10 percent.

Please take also into consideration that in Article 31, Paragraph 5 of the Law on Corporate Income Tax the Lawmaker imposes a limit on approvals for tax purposes of total amount of donations expeditures – it cannot exceed 65 percent of the accounting profit.

Thank you for supporting Bulgarian children through “Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation.