How can you support us?

How can you support us?

Opportunities for support

The way through which you can support DBF might be one of the stated below:

Corporate donation. Many companies or their charity foundations decide to make a direct corporate donation. It might be directed to some of our ongoing or annual projects. Besides, there is the possibility of a close cooperation so that we can find together where our aims and your corporate social responsibility converge the most and whether there is a new worthy project for childrens’ benefit where you might direct your investments. In addition, together we can discuss how to communicate the activities to the public.

Cause-related Marketing. DBF activities can be also promoted by marketing initiatives and sales in accordance with the particular philanthropic cause. This kind of marketing allows companies to offer their customers the chance to support a certain philanthropic cause by purchasing a certain product. Binding a project directly to “Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation is an effective way of engaging clients with a certain brand or product, increasing sales’ levels, and adding value to a corporate image.

Special Events. Corporate partners might point out “Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation as a beneficient of their own fundraising campaigns or they can sponsor events organised by DBF.

Fundraising by Employees. DBF can also support employees’ initiatives for fundraising. More frequently, this practice is related to multiplying the amount of subsidy raised in result of employees’ activity by both the company and DBF. There are various innovative and efficient ways so that employees can be involved in “Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation – payroll giving donations, online donations, and others.

Thank you for supporting Bulgarian children through “Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation.