How does “Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation choose its partners?

How does “Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation choose its partners?

In the process of making its short- and long-term aims come true, DBF looks for appropriate partners and the most efficient partnership.

The Appropriate Partner

A Business representative is appropriate partner for “Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation if we share its corporate-social-responsibility understanding and ways of its accomplishment.

The most efficient Partnership

Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation needs partnerships which are able to implement our values and campatible with our aims regarding programmes, advocacy, and fundraising.

DBF looks for partnerships with orgnisations which show corporate social responsibility and leadership in their field; have contribution to the strengthening of society as well as socially responsible business manners; have imposed a positive social or/and product image; have timeline of commitments to philanthropic causes and projects related to development; adhere to a responsible labour practice; implement responsible practices of environmental protection.

Thank you for supporting Bulgarian children through “Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation.