Why should you cooperate with Dimitar Berbatov Foundation?

Why should you cooperate with DBF?

Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation provides its Corporate Partners with the great opportunity to endorse positive and socially responsible oriented projects as well as nationally popular programmes along with the name of the most famous and world renowed Bulgarian celebrity, with impeccable image.

By DBF Partnership, you will be able to achieve an ultimate marketing and PR effect:

  • Your Company’s Name would benefit from adding a positive image by its association with a world renowed star, whose name is being constantly communicated in media.

  • You will build on and enhance the Company’s Brand recongnition, increase your sales’ level, strengthen your relations with clients and subscribers, and gain further market influence.

  • Strategic grants and donations can promote projects related directly to the benefit and general competencies of your company, as well as commit employees to various projects and programmes intended for donations or directly increase the in-kind donations.

  • We can make together a brand new, authentic, and comprehensive project which will successfully match our Mission and your Social Responsibility.

Sustainability of the Activity

DBF Activity is permanent, which allows your company to pursue its corporate policy and follow its strategic aims. We strive to make stable and lasting partnerships with companies in order to achieve the maximum effect for both sides.

Thank you for supporting Bulgarian children through “Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation.